A friend was having a weekend break in Brussels and strolled into a market where he saw a demostration of wipe it. He purchased some and brought it back to the UK. I tried it to clean the fibre glass hull of my boat and it worked wonderfully.

Steve / Broadstairs (UK)

Thank you for a cleaner that finally does what it says… it wipes clean! I love it!!

Doug / Bristol (UK)

A true revelation! These sponges really work! Exactly what I needed! The Solution spray works like a charm as well! I’m a fan!

Guillaume / Schilde (BE)

Cleaning tips

magic sponge

Cleaning tips for your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of our home. Because it is such a lively place, it remains difficult to keep tidy and clean. Those dirty cooking plates and that discolored countertop provide time and time again challenging tasks. If you prefer to spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying [...]