Cleaning tips for your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of our home. Because it is such a lively place, it remains difficult to keep tidy and clean. Those dirty cooking plates and that discolored countertop provide time and time again challenging tasks. If you prefer to spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the comfort and liveliness of your kitchen, wipe it is there for you. Our magic sponges will make your kitchen shine again in no time! Some cleaning tips…

– Removes persistent filth with ease from ceramic cooking plates.

– All pen, crayon and permanent marker spots as well as other kinds of persistent grime on cupboards and walls.

Tip! When using wipe it on painted surfaces, always test the colorfastness of the surface on a small and hard to notice spot.

– Cooking pots.

– Wall tiles.

– Plastic kitchen material, such as mixers, kitchen robots, coffee makers…

– Cooked hoods in chrome or stainless steel.

– Working tables in different materials, such as  marble, formica, wood and granite.

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This is only a small list of kitchen appliances and kitchen parts you can clean with wipe it. Tell us more about your wipe it kitchen cleaning stories on our Facebook page. Every story will be reviewed. You can win a discount coupon which you can use with your next order!

How to use

Tip! Always use the wipe it sponge with water! Never use it dry!

Tip! The wipe it sponge works best of hard surfaces. Less smooth surfaces, such as textile, carpet or rough stone will make the sponge wear out faster, but it will not decrease its efficiency.

Tip! The wipe it sponge should be well rinsed, but never squeezed thoroughly.

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